Whether the matter involves enforcing the terms of a contract, seeking damages for a breach of a contract or defending you against a breach of contract claim, the attorneys at Freidin & Inglis can provide you with the representation you need. Serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples, our attorneys focus on client-centered, cost-effective, solution-oriented representation in breach of contract cases and our other practice areas.

Breach of Contract Scenarios

Generally, a breach of contract occurs when one party does not honor the terms of an agreement made with another party. Such agreements are usually memorialized in a written contract but oral or verbal contracts can also be enforced in many circumstances. Our lawyers have experience in many types of breach of contract scenarios:

  • real estate transactions for buyers or sellers, commercial or residential
  • business transactions for buyers or sellers, commercial or residential
  • residential lending for borrowers and lenders
  • commercial lending for borrowers and lenders
  • mortgage foreclosure
  • forbearance agreements
  • debt collection
  • lease agreements
  • business governance
  • construction matters, including lien foreclosure
  • employment matters, including tortious interference and non-compete agreements

Whether oral or written, if the agreement is indeed binding, then breach of contract claims require our courts to interpret the meanings of the contract’s terms and determine if those terms are honored. Our attorneys have more than 50 years combined experience focusing on the finer details of contract interpretation. If there is anything in the contract that could benefit your case, even if it's in the smallest print, we will likely find it.

Cost-Effective Litigation

In the modern litigation environment, we certainly understand that costs are a factor. As a small, boutique firm, we are able to keep overhead low to save our clients money; and even as a small firm, we are connected with all of the resources associated with the larger firms. Further, we focus on solutions and cost-effective resolutions. If a multi-million dollar settlement can be reached through an early mediation or settlement conference rather than a lengthy lawsuit, we'll aggressively pursue an early mediation or settlement conference.